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Matthew White
Position: President of Gevon
Term of Office: May 14th, 2007-May 14th, 2011
Predecessor: None
Successor: Unknown
Date of Birth 04/30/1955
Place of Birth: Bacau, Tuva State
Qualifications: Doctorates in Political Science, Law and History
Political Party: Nationalist
Political Agenda: Aggressive Expansionism

Matthew White is the current President of Gevon and the Nationalist Free States. He is known for his left-wing social policies and for his right-wing stance on law and order and the idea of Gevonian restoration. Mister White is Gevon's first democratically elected President since the monarchy of Gevon ended with Nolan's abdication after the final round of the presidential election. Using Gevon's loss in the Second Gevon War as an excuse for Gevon's expansion and eventual revenge against their what he claims 'Imperialistic Caldarians'.

Mr. White attended the University of Lito where he obtained his doctorate degrees in Political Science, Law, Sociology and History. Matthew White is married to his wife, Linda White and has two children, William (aged 15) and Mary (aged 9). White is an expert debator and participates in club debates in his hometown of Bacau on weekends. When he was in college, Matthew was a star track athlete and continues to do daily jogs around his home. Upon his graduation from UoL, he started a small media firm which rapidly became a worldwide media corporation which he continues to act as CEO. He owns several countryside villas throughout the nation but he usually stays at his oceanfront villa near the village of S├Ęte. White is rumored to also be rather a heavy consumer of wine.

[edit] Past Carrer

White has served numerous government positons in Gevon during the timespan of the late Monarchy. Under Lord Steven, Matthew served as the Foreign Minister who constructed the Peace of Chentralia which ended the 1st Gevon War years ago. Upon Steven's death, Lord Gerald came to power and he was the one who thought he could restore the glory that was once Gevon so White had been given the positon of Foreign Minister once again but this time he was unable to construct the peace which would end the deadly 2nd Gevon War. Instead, Alexander Yonder (the current Foreign Minister under White's administration) ended up accepting the terms the Caldari State presented. Once White read those evil terms, he swore he would get revenge for Gevon's dishonor. White remained in the background under the last monarch, Lord Nolan when he was reassigned to Interior Minister once Gerald committed suicide after the end of the 2nd Gevon War and Lord Nolan took control. Only once the decree for free elections came eariler this past month did Matthew White reappeared.

[edit] Policies

  1. Increase Food Production
  2. Increase Production of Heavy Industry
  3. Increase Production of Consumer Goods
  4. Raise the Standard of Living by 25%
  5. Enhance and Increase Coverage of Public Education to All Citizens
  6. Provide Universial Healthcare to all Gevonian Citizens
  7. Begin Major Public Works Projects
  8. Create a Harmonious Society and Civilization through Nationalism and Patriotism
  9. Maintain the Most Advanced and Superior Armed Forces in the World
  10. Spread Gevonian Sphere of Influence to all corners of the world
  11. Obliterate the Caldari State
  12. Unrestricted Expansion of Gevonian Territory to Meet Resource and Market Demands
  13. Reunite Northern Gevon and Southern Gevon (accomplished through McDowell-Yonder Accord)
  14. Increase Bilateral Ties to Major Powers of the World

[edit] Cabinet

  • Prime Minister: Giorgio Leone
  • Foreign Minister: Alexander Yonder
  • Defense Minister: Victor Hoffman
  • Interior Minister: Sergei Ivanov
  • Minister of Trade: Mortimer Green
  • Minister of Education and Health: Jeff Lear
  • Minister of Labor: Sally Winters
  • Minister of Energy: Patrick O'Neill
  • Minister of the Tresury: Shannon Patterson
  • Minister of Propaganda: Gordon Brown
  • Minister of Transportation: Alan Johnson
  • Minister of Culture: Ian McCartney
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